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“The message in typical lads’ magazines is that you need to develop a muscular physique in order to attract a quality mate,” says Dr Giles.

“Readers internalise this message, which creates anxieties about their actual bodies and leads to increasingly desperate attempts to modify them.” Some of the most worrying findings were that heavy consumers of lad mags think about taking anabolic steroids or use protein or energy supplements as part of their diet and exercise regimes to improve the way they look.

Each male indicated which magazines they regularly read or brought from a list of titles including Nuts, Loaded and FHM, and stated their current relationship status before being scored according to their dietary habits, attitudes towards appearance and exercise regimes.

The researchers found that men who read lads’ magazines, particularly single men, were more influenced by the flawless body imagery promoted by the magazines.

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The feminists I know tend to avoid dating alpha males.

They also tend to avoid dating Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and werewolves, for exactly the same reason.

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