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Donald Trump has made numerous crude and misogynistic comments towards women, including agreeing that his daughter Ivanka Trump is 'a piece of a**' while appearing as a guest on the Howard Stern radio show. She made a lot money as a model—a tremendous amount.''Well, I'll tell you the funniest is that before a show, I'll go backstage and everyone's getting dressed, and everything else, and you know, no men are anywhere, and I'm allowed to go in because I'm the owner of the pageant and therefore I'm inspecting it. But no, I've been very good.' 'I actually went on the 'Today Show' with Katie Couric a while ago, six years ago, and we had a woman running the pageant who was really into the whole thing of education and everything and I said, 'Look, if you're looking for a rocket scientist, don't turn in tonight.

Trump has engaged in lewd conversations with the shock jock over a 17-year period that focused on his daughter Ivanka, his preference for younger women, his sex life, how he 'couldn't care less' if he satisfies the women he sleeps with and losing his virginity to a 'hot little girl' when he was 14 years old, according to a review of the interviews by CNN.

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The chintziness of a typical Fox promo package—the -branded cooking timer may ring, or rather fail to ring, a bell for my colleagues—is intentional; no journalist receiving one of these "gifts" risks violating the strictest ethics policy. Being rudely woken up by the call of a rooster after a night of sex-fuelled passion? Agents of Ishq has created a post which looks at Tamil Sangam poetry with a contemporary dating framework to note that resonances between the two time periods and experiences.And these bite-sized translations of Kurunthogai, a poetic work that deals with love and separation, and the second volume of an anthology titled Ettuthokai.What does dating even look like in this age of social media and instant gratification?Texting is the preferred mode of communication and Snapchat is voyeuristic entertainment.

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