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The best way to get her attention is to pay attention.Paying for dates might be a current debatable topic, but no girl would argue with a guy paying attention. Because he’s unable to truly see her, he’s unable to get to know her.See how to identify this unhealthy form of obsession and how to get out before you come home to a boiled bunny. Limerence is defined as a combination of obsessive-compulsive disorder and addiction. The inability to control a person only feeds the obsession.Wakin notes that individuals diagnosed as limerent think about the object of their love up to 98% of the time. “You never have to worry that the liquor is going to reject her, or the liquor is going to see other people.—#Not Liking It Social media is a performance of authenticity, and it’s frustrating to see behind the curtain, especially when the golden hour for photos is also golden hour for get-off-the-trail-before-the-mosquitoes-come-out.But your problem seems less philosophical and more practical: you’re trying to spend time with your dude, and he’s distracted. Whether you’ve planned a romantic dinner for two, or are scouring the shelves at Target for a last-minute gift, the girl of your dreams may actually turn into a nightmare.

One of the clearest indicators of limerence is determining the nature of the relationship.Measured eye contact ensures you won’t come on too strong.In 10 Ways to Win a Girl’s Heart, I discuss how “physical contact such as hugging and holding hands can create trust.” However, too much touch and invading personal space, especially when meeting someone, can create an uncomfortable environment.The attentive guy knows that body language makes up 55% of communication in many situations. Simple gestures like opening doors or picking up something she’s dropped are appreciated.But, an obsessed guy goes overboard because he’s hoping to get something in return.

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