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The surest reasons for how plodding this is are the film’s six credited editors (an anomaly in and of itself, as most films typically only have one-to-three editors).Between them, this team has some incredible accomplishments.

But now that she has a baby to support and her husband’s only famous for playing Tori Spelling’s boyfriend 20 years ago, Megan Fox realized she should probably go crawling back to Michael Bay before she turns 28 and might as well be his grandmother.Mark Sanger co-won the Best Editing Oscar in 2013 for his work on But between them, this veritable all-star team just can’t make any of the Bayhem land visually.There’s a few fun shots here and there — like the Dinobot Grimlock barfing up a police car he was trying to eat, and the three-headed robot dragon Dragonstorm flying around.Bay has not been married yet and has often said he has no interest in marriage or raising children biologically.However, he has said that he will adopt a kid when he feels the time is right. He lives in Miami Michael Bay an American filmmaker known for directing and producing big-budget action films.

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