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If service members need to borrow money, they will ask their buddy or their mom or NFCU—not the woman they want to impress.

Although the online scammer is notoriously skilled at creating an online relationship, there are some ways to tell whether the service member you “know” is a scammer. If your online love asks you for money to buy a laptop so he can write to you more, or an international phones so he can talk to you more, or an airline ticket so you can be together, never click on his message again. If you get a request for money to pay for leave papers from the command, it’s a scam. Besides, commanding officers do not write internet girlfriends.

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Even city to city or camp to camp in the same country will vary widely.

If your Marine has access to the internet, they'll let you know.

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From country to country, access to email and other online communication varies widely.You've just located the #1 Senior available on the Internet.Discovering a Senior that has video chatrooms and is 100% free is unpresidented.In some instances and in some locations, Marines and other military personnel bring laptop computers with them and have access to the internet from their sleeping quarters or internet cafes.If your Marine is allowed to bring a computer, s/he will let you know.

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