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Photograph: like to know the year it was made and possibly the value, not that I'm willing to sell it quite yet. The only Ingersolls I've ever seen were later.Any information or possible ways of finding information would be appreciated. I did a brief search and came up with a dating system for serial numbers of Ingersoll watches. I never saw one with the pretty engraving this one has. The Ingersoll watch is an icon of American manufacturing--like the Kodak Box Camera, the Model T, etc (i.e.

Ingersoll continues to maintain the ethos of the Ingersoll brothers and is proud to present a new range of quality, precision timepieces.‘THE TRUE ORIGINAL’ Robert H Ingersoll and his brother Charles founded the Ingersoll Watch Company, one of the oldest American watchmakers.The Ingersoll brothers were pioneers of industry and invention in the field of watchmaking.Over the course of their highly successful careers, Robert and Charles Ingersoll -- founders of one of the oldest American watch companies -- are acknowledged to have reached many milestones in the development and sale of pocket watches and wrist watches.In 1880, the two sons of Orville Ingersoll -- a farmer from Michigan -- founded their enterprise in New York by producing and selling various articles for which they believed there was a general demand.

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