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Ultra Bot is a multi-functional bot that is highly customizable to suit your purpose.Here is a list of the bot's features, all of which can be toggled on or off.User's tip totals as titles: Users who have tipped at least one token will have a |x| at the beginning of their messages, where x is the tip total.King Tipper: The user who has tipped the most tokens will have a small crown to the left of his message. There is also an option to have the bot send a message every few minutes (you decide how often) that says "Tip x to become the new King!A user will not book anything unless you gave him a good answer.In this case, a good answer will be the one that will make him feel that he found the best deal ever. The platforms need stable & successful clients to continue growing. One that gives value (and fast) to the user but also us ($$$). Our goal as entrepreneurs is to create a 2 way street.

With the recent increase in the popularity of chatbots (due, in large part, to the recent 2016 Chatterbox Challenge), I’ve seen a lot of requests in various places, asking about how someone could create their own chatbot, with many of these questions coming from individuals who have no prior experience or knowledge.

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But for the vast majority of stand-alone chatbots, at least one or more of the above is true.

Pros and Cons: Web-Based Chatbots Just as with a stand-alone chatbot app, there are advantages and disadvantages to creating a web-based chatbot, as well.

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