Hasmik dating

“We received a call from the Geological Museum of Gegharkunik noting that the villagers have accidentally come across archaeological findings during the construction works, however they could not manage to acquire the important materials due to the lack of funds.

Currently the material is being studied by SNCO’s archaeologist Hasmik Simonyan.Despite the crackling campfire, this was a professional meeting, and she had intruded on my personal space.“Around here it starts to feel a little bit too uncomfortable,” said Kelly, looking up at the white humanoid robot that was my […] Armenian AR&VR company ARLOOPA took participate in British-Armenian B2B Networking event. —- Description ARLOOPA offers cloud-based and white label Augmented Reality applications, Virtual Reality games and applications, 360 degree filmmaking, Kinect-based applications.The anthropological and animal remains make up a large part of the findings.According to Deputy of the SNCO’s Director on scientific works, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Ashot Piliposyan the archaeological finds which are currently under study are exceptional and date back to the 7th century BC.

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