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On a scale from one to five, Saudi Arabia had a ranking of a four.

I was confused by this since, as briefly described above, Saudi Arabia is considered one of the most conservative countries in the world where women are highly secluded.

Afghanistan’s sharia law criminalizes same-sex sexual acts with a maximum of the death penalty.

BLASPHEMY LAWS ENDANGER freedom of speech and deny equality.

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"The prohibition in the Federal Election Campaign Act is against candidates or political committees soliciting, accepting or receiving contributions from foreign nationals, not only governments," said Michael Malbin, a political science professor at the University at Albany.

In some, the sentencing derives from an interpretation of sharia law.

There are some in which provisions for the death penalty exist but have never been carried out.

Hillary Clinton spokesman Josh Schwerin also noted that the former first lady played no role in the foundation while she was secretary of state.

"Further, she did not blink before standing up to countries that oppressed their people and denied them of their rights, from LGBT rights to women's rights," Schwerin said. looking at the Clinton Foundation’s donor list, Saudi Arabia gave between million and million.

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